28 avril 2005


Frank Miller's Sin City

Deadly little Miho. You won't feel a thing unless she wants you to. She twists the blade. He feels it.
I tell Miho what we're going to do and how we're going to do it. I grab poor Dallas's car phone and make the most important call of my life. First we got to rescue Gail.
Then comes the kill.
The big fat kill.

Dozens of them. Armed to the teeth. I'm outnumbered, outgunned. But the alley is crooked, dark, and very narrow. They can't surround me. Sometimes you can beat the odds with a careful choice of where to fight

- Dwight, what have you done?
- Exactly what I had to... every step of the way
    No, it isn't right. There wasn't no tape over his mouth. How come there's tape over his mouth
Where the fight counts for a lot
    You trick, McCarthy, but it will do you no good
But there's nothing like having your friends show up with lots of guns
    No, McCarthy, you shan't!
The girls all know the score : No escape. No surrender. No mercy. We got to kill every last rat bastard one of them ; every last one. Not for revenge. Not because they deserve it. not because it'll make the world a better place. We need a heap of bloody bodies so when mob boss, Wallenquist, looks over his charts of profits and losses, he'll see what it cost him to mess with the girls of Old Town.
The valkyrie at my side is shouting and laughing with the pure hate for blood-thirsty joy of the slaughter. And so am I.
The fire, baby. It'll burn us both. There's no place in this world for our kind of fire. My warrior woman. My valkyrie. You'll always be mine. Always. And never.

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