25 février 2005


Manif pour la productivité !

C'est vieux mais c'est marrant.

French Strike for Greater Productivity

Paris (SatireWire.com) — Angered over reports that California's economy has surpassed that of France, dozens of French labor unions staged a massive, nationwide strike Friday, demanding the government investigate possible causes of the country's low per capita productivity.

"French workers should be the most productive in the world, and we will strike until the government can discover why we are not," said Rene L'ampoule, a spokesman for truck drivers who blocked most of the nation's major roadways.

According to the report, compiled by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp., California's gross domestic product was $1.33 trillion last year, compared to France's $1.28 trillion. With 61 million inhabitants, France's population is nearly twice that of California, making the nation's per capita production half that of the U.S. state.

In the country's fifteenth nationwide strike this year, protesting miners, farmers, students, truckers, mechanics, teachers, engineers, entertainers, programmers, police officers, firefighters, and journalists, as well as factory, airline, rail, livery, clerical, and prison workers, said it was the government's responsibility to investigate. Government employees, meanwhile, said they would join the strike in sympathy.

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